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  1. StasisYT

    Approved ShadoTheLunatic's Punishment Appeal

    You have now been unbanned. You may now login whenever you are next coming back on. I hope you learned not to tell others apart from staff any exploits. Therefore this dispute is now closed.
  2. StasisYT

    Approved ShadoTheLunatic's Punishment Appeal

    Hello, ShadoTheLunatic, I will be approving your Appeal, If you ever find an exploit you NEVER tell anyone else since then other people will use the exploit and make are job as staff members a lot more difficult. We will be looking into a way to stop this exploit from being used but do not tell...
  3. StasisYT

    ShadoTheLunatic's Ban Report

    Name of Offender(s) ShadoTheLunatic Server(s) where incidents have occurred SkyFactory 4 Ban Reason Duplicating and then showing other members of the server instead of going straight to a member of staff. Ban Length Permanently Evidence Other Notes I also witnessed them duplicating the...
  4. StasisYT

    D3vilD0ck's Ban Report

    Name of Offender(s) D3vilD0ck Server(s) where incidents have occurred Crundee Craft (CC) Ban Reason Rules Broken. Mass Griefed and Mass Raided. Ban Length 7 Days Evidence
  5. StasisYT

    Loving Life

    Loving Life
  6. StasisYT

    Describe the member above you in one word

  7. StasisYT

    die4456 ban report

    Name of Offender(s) die4456 Server(s) where incidents occured CrundeeCraft Ban Reason Mass Theft and Griefing Ban Length 3 Days Evidence