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    KookyKraftMC Voting System

    This needs to be updated, primarily the rewards section.
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    Lets liven things up a bit

    So, I was looking around the forums for a bit and I noticed a bit of a trend. Most of the posts made in this community are people asking for help, or people asking for help, and I wanna change that up! Most of us here are on the Discord and know each other fairly well, some of us have never...
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    Describe the member above you in one word

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    Chunk Loader

    Offline chunk loading would be terrible in some packs. Some packs also have built in chunk loaders, than when paired with an offline loader, could allow someone to load their entire base while offline. Aside from that I've seen people build entire bases in a single chunk, it's crazy.
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    1.12.1 Server Suggestion!

    Hello Everyone! I'm here today to propose the opening of a new server, I've looked around quite a bit and it seems we as a community want to start moving forward from 1.10.2, meaning we want to upgrade to 1.12! Taking a look at all the mod packs currently hosted by KKMC we seem to have servers...