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  1. KyleTheBoI

    Timing out on troll craft.

    Got loaded up today to play some tc but I can't connect to the server. I keep getting Timed out. Its odd though cause I can connect to crundee and other non-nytro servers. Any help would be appreciated
  2. KyleTheBoI

    TrollCraft Yellorite Issue

    Having a yellorite issue on TC. Ill mine the ore and it won't drop. Im using a Red Morningstar so it can't be that im not at the right mining level. Someone mined the ore for me and it dropped just fine for them. Very confused. Would really appreciate any answers
  3. KyleTheBoI

    Beardies VS Snekos

    I am full on Beardie supporter #BeardiesAreSpeedy
  4. KyleTheBoI

    Beardies VS Snekos

    Much like Dogs VS Cats but Reptiles. (i luv reptiles) If u support Snekos #SnekosAreSlippery If u support Beardies #BeardiesAreSpeedy All love to sneaks but beardies are better!
  5. KyleTheBoI

    The War With Cats And Dogs..

    Thy thats a dead meme
  6. KyleTheBoI

    The War With Cats And Dogs..