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  1. Doctor Planky

    Shaquille's Punishment Appeal

    We've discussed this particular case and have decided to deny this ban appeal. You were in our community for only a couple of hours based on your login history, and within that time you made the choice to spam racial slurs and get yourself banned.
  2. Doctor Planky

    metalim's Punishment Appeal

    Because Phyl muted you, it is up to him on whether he wants to consider/accept this appeal. He tends to be quite busy from what I can see at my level.
  3. Doctor Planky

    Chunk Loader

    I would suggest vertical quarries for mining systems, and you can purchase 27 1-chunk loaders that are operational whenever the owner is online at the Nytro shop!
  4. Doctor Planky

    Approved RubixQber's Punishment Appeal

    After reading your follow-up post and talking with Narwahls, we have agreed to accept your appeal. The precedent we tend to follow is that 3-day bans reduce to 1-day, which we believe you've already served. I will be logging in shortly to unban you. Please do know that the penalty for repeat...
  5. Doctor Planky

    Approved RubixQber's Punishment Appeal

    I’m going to have to check with Narwahls on this, but I’m personally a bit hesitant from some of the things I saw in the Discord up to 10 minutes before this appeal was posted. “Honestly I don’t think I can say that i’ve learned a lesson”. “I get that I’m supposed to tell you if something else...
  6. Doctor Planky

    Denied Modjeski10's Punishment Appeal

    See Dr. Zoidberg's post on your ban report in the appropriate section of the forum. Denied :)
  7. Doctor Planky

    Approved Ban Appeal

    While this appeal does not follow the format, you were forthright about what happened. Normally the player who banned you would be making this decision, but they delegated this to other members of staff in their absence. I have chosen to accept your appeal. Please return those items to the...
  8. Doctor Planky

    Abnator Ban Report

    IGN Abnator Reason Raiding/Griefing with IC Dynamite Duration Perm, unless appealed by the player Server of Incident Ultimate Reloaded Evidence ~4 more pages of prism logs also present with destruction from dynamite. Other Notes Due to the obvious nature of this raid (see player's...
  9. Doctor Planky

    NinjaMastar Ban Report

    Player Name: NinjaMastar Server: CC Reason for Ban: Veinmining ~40k blocks of endstone despite previous warning that it is considered griefing and a bannable offense. Evidence: Screenshot from Prism logs showing the number of blocks mined Bird's-eye view of some of the damage Proof of...
  10. Doctor Planky

    Mute Appeal

    Thank you for clarifying
  11. Doctor Planky

    Mute Appeal

    I believe the logic that was followed is that if you’ll bypass the mute on discord, that you would just as soon bypass catbot. If you insist on appealing your mute, please repost and follow the format: Your IGN: Who muted you: Why you were muted: What did you learn from this?: What would...
  12. Doctor Planky

    Mute Appeal

    I'll need your username to provide more information on the mute. From what I can gather so far, several players were permanently muted by higher-level staff for spamming. I can tell you more once I have your IGN.
  13. Doctor Planky

    Gotachew Ban Report

    Player Name Gotachew Server where incident occurred CC Ban Duration Permanent (Appeal highly encouraged in this case) Reason for Ban Stealing ME Drives Evidence Other Notes Upon appealing and agreeing to return the drives, ban will be lifted.
  14. Doctor Planky


    Hello. Your ban is from quite long ago, when you were playing under a different IGN. I’ll need to ask you to resubmit your appeal with this link to the ban report, as well as filling in the info below. You can copy them and paste your information in...
  15. Doctor Planky

    SpookyWeeb Mute

    There is no need to ask this. Do you expect him to sift through client logs for evidence of the warnings? What’s done is done. You are not currently muted. This is the end of discussion here.
  16. Doctor Planky

    jere_pvpgamer, harkinIan95, kingtroythefirst, GigBee28, spidermanscraft, Hannabbi, bubbafun Ban Report

    Name of Offender(s) jere_pvpgamer, harkinIan95, kingtroythefirst, GigBee28, spidermanscraft, Hannabbi, bubbafun Server(s) where incidents occured CC Ban Reason Duping and/or Ban Evasion (spidermanscraft) Ban Length Permanent Evidence Group had only been on our networks for 1-2 days at most...
  17. Doctor Planky

    SpookyWeeb Mute

    I see no need for you to ask this question. If someone has a minor catbot bypass like typing "lagg" repeatedly I often give them a verbal warning, but in my opinion a short mute is your true "warning" within our system. The normal progression I use with my own mutes is often: 1 - mute for an...
  18. Doctor Planky

    TTazzaTT Ban Report

    Name of Offender(s) TTazzaTT Server(s) where incidents occured TC Ban Reason Extensive Griefing of Multiple Bases Ban Length Permanent Evidence Base No. 1 Base No. 2 Other Notes I chose to escalate this to a permanent ban, due the player significantly griefing two players who had...
  19. Doctor Planky

    Denied Why i dont think i should have been banned

    CptMemu is correct. I would add that when I investigated this, I just knew that you had likely killed someone with witchery, as the log simply says "X was killed with magic". When I searched your base, I found two taglocks for the player, which I had been told can be used to bypass pvp...
  20. Doctor Planky

    SpookyWeeb Ban Report

    Name of Offender(s) SpookyWeeb Server(s) where incidents occured CC Ban Reason Bypassing PvP Protection Ban Length 3d Evidence Other Notes Banned player did not have permission to take these taglocks, and did not comply with the killed player when asked to get rid of them. *The...