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    Hi I am Dr. Zoidberg, I am a decapodian and currently work my day job as the staff doctor for Planet Express. My doctorate is in art history. ~Zoidberg
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    palsboi223's Punishment Appeal

    Since it appears in the #crundee channel I am being taken to teh court of public opinion, let me just post this here.
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    Describe the member above you in one word

  4. djdean

    Denied Modjeski10's Punishment Appeal

    You are not welcome on our network. That base was indeed claimed and owned by an admin. You spent a significant amount of time stealing nearly everything from that base. You made a home at the base you were stealing from, and the people you were living near clearly told me that you had stolen...
  5. djdean

    modjeski10's Ban Report

    Player also tried logging on immediately after ban with an alt to claim it was a server glitch. Player had home set at admin base. Not open for appeal.
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    Describe the member above you in one word

    Feline Overlord #13
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    Lets liven things up a bit

    Sunflowerseeds, being right, and this community :)
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    Cant' connect, new, and discord?

    So thats the discord. As for Poz lite...we dont host that anymore :( If you join our discord all the other servers are availible
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    Chunk Loader

    I can almost promise you we wont ever enable offline chunk-loading. The possibility for abuse is immense.
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    Chunk Loader

    We do have purchasable chunk loaders? Maybe Im not understanding what you are suggesting, please elaborate :)
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    allcor66 ban report

    Reason: Excessive toxic posting in server about a variety of inappropriate topics including child rape, and porn. Posted links to pornhub. Multiple players asked him to stop but he kept going. Ban Length: Perm, can appeal but it better be a hell of an appeal Proof: (see attached) and below
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    Approved Mute Appeal

    Alright, Ill un-mute you, but if you are muted again for this it will be perm and also include a 3 day ban.
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    Lost my stuff (PO3)

    We dont refund items due to glitches, crashes etc. But if you could make a post in the help channel in discord with your In-Game-Name and what server it happened on a staff member can take a look and see what we can help with
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    Cheap ssd for dell poweredge r710

    He already has a server. An enterprise grade rack-mount server. He isn't building a diy desktop rig using a desktop level processor. AMD has no skin in the enterprise server environment, and they dont really make a chip for that space that is even remotely competitive. His question was also...
  15. djdean

    Cheap ssd for dell poweredge r710

    None of these will be reliable because you are putting crappy consumer SATA ssd's into a SAS channel. If you really want reliability, you need SAS enterprise SSD's. But I dont think thats what you meant, so in truth any SSD will be fine. Pro tip, r710 is about 2 gens old, so the battery on that...
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    Approved Mute Appeal

    Okay, thank you for the polite appeal. Ill un-mute you. Is your in game name the same as your forum name?
  17. djdean

    Still looking for help on this problem

    Im like 99.999% certain we dont host gmod anymore and havent for a long long time.
  18. djdean

    Describe the member above you in one word

    Flexible Seal
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    Denied Ban Appeal

    You literally said you have been banned from other Crundee Servers for duping. We aren't your second chance or your silver medal. I wish you luck on some other network.
  20. djdean

    Peter Liu crashing on login

    I just moved you to spawn on Sky Adventures. See if that helps