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Congrats to these top 3 voters!
1. 2013_emi - 559 - UKat
2. Hammertroll - 370 - 80k ClaimBlocks
3. wesleypestly - 267 - $5 Million in-game dollars
and thanks to all who voted this month.

Next month will be the same prizes, so keep voting KookyKrafters!
KookyKraftMC All The Mods 1.10.2!

Our first 1.10.2 server is now open!
More info about the pack and the server here: [Here]
Welcome to our new website!
We've decided to change up our website. Our old website was hosted by Enjin, where we limited to what we could change and do. With this website, we can change just about everything. Please note, with this new website, your accounts will not transfer. The only forum posts that have transferred to this site are the ones about server info. We hope you enjoy our new website!