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  • ive been perm muted on crundee craft and i dont know why and im wonder where i appeal for it
    HI MrWardy, i'm a player of Infinity Lite, i've a problem, for a lot of crafts and upgrades we need in this mod dragons eggs but only one person on the serv has the first dragon egg and noone can get others because the dragon don't drop it anymore, i ask you if it could be possible to add a craft for this egg or a drop? Or other way to get it.
    (sorry for my bad english level)
    Thanks you

    name is zDavidLindsay on the hermitpack server and something seems to be crashing me everytime i log in is it possible for me to be moved?
    HELP ME, can you join the server skyfactory 3 server b, something doesn't craft maybe you can cheat it in for me and i will give you the items needed to craft it
    How long was the ban?
    Actually the ban is apprently permanent with no warning
    I was banned 12 hours ago with no apparent staff, I called out for staff but it seems they were vanished, this was all unintentional but no one really helped me...
    MrWardy can you view my ban appeal? Im aware its only been around 12 horus since Ive posted my ban appeal, but I falsely banned and no one really came to help all I got was a ban :/
    Moderator at KKMC, current server I play on is Sky Factory 2.5 on curse/FTB ( and I like pizza, I mean who doesn't????
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