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What ModPacks do you run?

Nytro Modpack List

All The Mods 3 version 5.9.6b
Server Address: atm.nytro.co

AugmentedTriad version 0.9.0
Server Address: triad.nytro.co

CrundeeCraft version 1.1.0
Server Address: cc.nytro.co

Direwolf20 1.12 version 1.11.0
Server Address: dw.nytro.co

Horizons 3 version 1.7.0
Server Address: horizons.nytro.co

Revelations version 2.0.0
Server Address: rev.nytro.co

Sevtech Ages version 3.0.8
Server Address: sev.nytro.co

SkyFactory 2 version 2.4
Server Address: sf2.nytro.co

SkyFactory 2.5 version 2.5.6
Server Address: sf25.nytro.co

Trollcraft version 1.0.1
Server Address: tc.nytro.co
Jan 29, 2017
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