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What is voting and how do I do it?

1. Votes
To see all the links you can vote at in-game do the /vote command.
/vote will look something like this:
and it will have either 3 or 4 voting links which you get $250 in-game money(to use in /market or something else) for every one you vote at.
You can vote on each site once every 24 hours.
To vote, just enter your username where it asks you to, and fill in the captcha.

2. Lucky Votes
A lucky vote is a random chance to get a special item.
Those special items include(where applicable):
- Mekanism Digital Miner
- BuildCraft Quarry
- ExtraUtilities Ender Quarry
- A ChunkLoader
All have a random chance of being dropped every time you vote.

3. Vote Parties
Vote parties occur every 50 votes and reward everyone on the server!
Vote Party Rewards include:
- An amount of in-game money between $200 and $20000
- ExtraUtilities Ender Quarry
- Mekanism Digital Miner

4. Top Voters of the Month
At the end of every month, the top 3 votes will receive a prize.
First place, UltimateKat.
Second place, 80000 claim blocks.
Third place, $5 million in-game.
These prizes apply to all servers where they are applicable.

1.10 Servers
Voting on 1.10 servers gives you 150 claim blocks per vote. We will eventually add IGM for each vote once we have an economy system.
Jan 29, 2017
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