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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I vote for the server?


What ModPacks do you run?

Nytro Modpack List
The latest versions and modpacks are available in our Discord, discord.nytro.co.

What Items are banned?


What is voting and how do I do it?

1. Votes
To see all the links you can vote at in-game do the /vote command.
/vote will look something like this:
and it will have either 3 or 4 voting links which you get $250 in-game money(to use in /market or something else) for every one you vote at.
You can vote on each site once every 24 hours.
To vote, just enter your username where it asks you to, and fill in the captcha.

2. Lucky Votes
A lucky vote is a random chance to get a special item.
Those special items include(where applicable):
- Mekanism Digital Miner
- BuildCraft Quarry
- ExtraUtilities Ender Quarry
- A ChunkLoader
All have a random chance of being dropped every time you vote.

3. Vote Parties
Vote parties occur every 50 votes and reward everyone on the server!
Vote Party Rewards include:
- An amount of in-game money between $200 and $20000
- ExtraUtilities Ender Quarry
- Mekanism Digital Miner

4. Top Voters of the Month
At the end of every month, the top 3 votes will receive a prize.
First place, UltimateKat.
Second place, 80000 claim blocks.
Third place, $5 million in-game.
These prizes apply to all servers where they are applicable.

1.10 Servers
Voting on 1.10 servers gives you 150 claim blocks per vote. We will eventually add IGM for each vote once we have an economy system.

What do I get for donating?

1. Ranks
Our ranks are Spark, Flame, Blaze, and Inferno.
  • Homes: 5
  • /heal
  • /feed
  • /hat
  • /kittycannon
  • /book
  • /firework
  • /trash
  • /rocket
  • Homes: 7
  • Change the colors of your name with /nick.
  • /pweather
  • /ptime
  • /repair
  • /anvil
  • /enchantingtable
  • /delnick
  • /workbench
  • Keep XP on death.
  • Bypass teleport warmup.
  • All perks from previous ranks.
  • Homes: 10
  • Bypass teleport cooldown.
  • Bypass feed and heal cooldown.
  • /nightvision
  • /enchant
  • Change your name and coloring with /nick.
  • /itemname set | clear
  • /speed
  • ECO Server Only:
    • /condense
  • All perks from previous ranks.
  • Bypass all other cooldowns and delays.
  • Unlimited homes.
  • /fly
  • Can bold, italic, strikethrough, and underline their nickname.
  • Keep inventory.
  • All perks from previous ranks.

All of our ranks are subscription based, so we budget our costs for each month.

2. Perks
Unlimited homes:
Set an unlimited amount of homes.

Claim Blocks:
Get additional claim blocks to claim lots of land.

Trails(1.10 and up):
Spawns a trail of particle effects behind you when you move!

What can't I sell on the market?

You cannot sell these things on the market.

Chicken Chunks


Applied Energistics 2

64K ME Storage Cell

ME Controller

Extra Cells

ME Fluid Storage Cells

ME Storage Cells

Thaumic Energistics

ME Essentia Storage Cells

Ars Magica

Blue Infinity Orb Skill

Green Infinity Orb Skill

Red Infinity Orb Skill

Blood Magic

Archmage's Blood Orb

Filled Socket

Bound Boots

Earth Omega Boots

Fire Omega Boots

Water Omega Boots

Wind Omega Boots

Bound Helmet

Earth Omega Helmet

Fire Omega Helmet

Water Omega Helmet

Wind Omega Helmst

Bound Leggings

Earth Omega Leggings

Fire Omega Leggings

Water Omega Leggings

Wind Omega Leggings

Bound Plate

Earth Omega Plate

Fire Omega Plate

Water Omega PLate

Wind Omega Plate

Bound Blade

Demonic Slate

Demonic Teleposition Focus

Demon Portal

Imbued Slate

Transcendant Blood Orb


Demon Placers


Terra Steel Ingot

Gaia Spirit

Elementium Ingot

Pixie Dust


Gaia Spirit Ingot

Gaia Pylon

Gaia Spreader

Draconic Evolution

Awakened Draconium Block

Wyvern Helm

Wyvern Chest

Wyvern Leggings

Wyvern Boots

Draconic Helm

Draconic Chest

Draconic Leggings

Draconic Boots

Draconic Pickaxe

Draconic Axe

Draconic Shovel

Draconic Hoe

Charm of Dislocation

Draconic Sword

Draconic Bow

Draconic Staff of Power

Wyvern Pickaxe

Wyvern Shovel

Wyvern Sword

Wyvern Bow

Draconium Block

Draconium Ingot

Awakened Draconium Ingot

Mob Soul

Draconic Flux Capacitor

Draconic Dust

Extra utilities

Bedrockium Ingot

Portal to the Deep Dark

Block Of Bedrockium

Compressed Cobblestone

Super Builders Wand


Watering Can (Reinforced)

Soul Fragment



Magical Crops

Zivicio Essence

Zivicio Ingot

Zivicio Block

Zivicio Furnace

Ultimate Furnace

Essence Ingots



Nether Star

Tinker's Construct

Cobalt Ingot

Ardite Ingot

Thaumic Tinkerer

Ichorium Axe

Awakened Ichorium Axe

Ichorcloth Robe

IchorCloth Boots

IchorCloth Cowl

IchorCloth Leggings

Ichorium Pickaxe

Awakened Ichorium Pickaxe

Bottomless Pouch

Ichorium Shovel

Awakened Ichorium Shovel

Ichorium Sword

Awakened Ichorium Sword




Ichorium Nugget

Ichroum Cap

Ichor Strapped Silverwood Wand Core

Ichor Armor

MineFactory Reloaded

Deep Storage Units

Thermal Expansion


What are the server rules?

  • No Swearing under any circumstances.
  • Do not bypass CatBot.
  • Be nice to all players.
  • English only in public chat. Please use party chat (/party) for other languages.
  • Do not troll other players in chat.
  • No Bad Links. You know what is bad and what is not. If you are unsure, ask a staff member
  • Do not spam.
  • Advertising is not allowed and will lead to permbam.
  • Destruction of another player's property is grief. You will be permbanned if you grief. There are pregenned structures in some of our packs, these MAY belong to players so always make sure to check the entire stucture by right clicking all over it with a stick to see if it is claimed. If something belongs to another player, you should not grief/loot it whether it is claimed or not.
  • Do not steal from anyone.
  • Griefing spawn or server buildings will lead to global permban.
Player Behavior
  • Racism will not be tolerated..
  • Rudeness to other players will not be tolerated..
  • Respect all staff members, no matter what rank they are..
  • Remain friendly to all users..
  • Scamming is not allowed..
  • Do not taglock other players without their consent..
  • PvP is disabled. Do not kill other players using traps, explosions, etc.. This counts as harassment and will get you banned..
  • Do not open lucky blocks near spawn. If you do, clean it up or you will be punished.
  • Do not leave giant holes or 1x1 holes around the world.
  • Do not make player traps to kill players.
  • Avoid leaving lots of items on the ground. (ClearLagg will eat them.)
  • Please remeber that this is a multiplayer server, not your own singleplayer world. There are other people on the server who would like to enjoy it.
  • If your creation is causing server lag, we will remove it.
  • If you lose an item, it's gone. We do not refund items lost because of bugs, glitches, crashes, ClearLag, restarts, death, or any other reason. We will refund donor items(Quarries, chunkloaders, etc), if they are lost due to a reasonable circumstance. If you have lost a donor item please make a thread in the donation problems forum section.
  • You will not get anything you lose due to a username change.
  • Do not abuse dupes or exploits, this wll get you banned and ruins the game for you and others.
  • If you stream, record, or anything else similar to that on our servers, please give credit to the server by place a link to our website in the video description or title.
  • Staff do not give you items. They are there to help you, but not play the modpack for you. If you need an item, check the /market. If it's not on /market, obtain it by making it, staff will not give it to you. We encourage players to not give away items as it encourages players to ask staff and other players for items. This can become an annoyance to everyone.
  • If have a donor rank you CANNOT give out donor items to non-donor players. If you are caught doing so you will be punished. This includes but is not limited to /enchant'ing items for other players, placing donor only items for other players, or any other use of donor commands for non-donors.

How can I get help from a staff member in-game?

Make a /ticket with the issue you are having and a staff member will help you as soon as they can.
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